Eurofinsa provides "turnkey" public works solutions in a wide variety of healthcare related fields throughout the world.

Eurofinsa has proven experience and know-how delivering healthcare public works projects of any size and scale. From construction of mobile centers and full-scale turnkey hospitals to staff training and equipment, Eurofinsa provides a full range of solutions to fully deliver any healthcare project.

Areas of specialty in healthcare industries include:

Hospitals and Hospital Centers

  • Planning and consulting for hospital facilities and large-scale multi-phase hospital centers.
  • Development, construction and delivery of "turnkey" hospitals of any size or specialty for public institutions throughout the world.
  • Development, construction and delivery of "turnkey" clinics and medical centers of any size or specialty.
  • Equipment delivery, staff training and certification.

Distribution Centers

  • Logistical planning, development and construction of distribution centers for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Mobile Hospitals and Mobile Medical Units

  • Delivery of mobile medical hospitals and mobile medical units ready for operation.
  • Training and certification of staff on-site.

Medical Equipment

  • Analysis and planning of required medical equipment.
  • Sale and delivery of medical equipment of any size and use for hospitals, medical clinics, and mobile units.
  • Training and certification of staff on-site.

Consumables and Generic Drugs

  • Delivery, stocking and distribution of medication, consumables, and other medical supplies to distribution centers, clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities.


  • Logistical planning, sale, and delivery of emergency ambulances and other medical vehicles.
  • Equipment training and certification of staff on-site.
Related Subsidiaries / Partners: 
Constructor, Consulting and Engineering

CCE (Constructor, Consulting and Engineering) is a company specialized in project management, architectural, engineering, construction and consulting services.


SUCOMEX is a subsidiary specialized in the supply of hospital equipment projects. Since its founding, SUCOMEX provides health service management organizations with integrated solutions for hospital equipment projects and related services.