Eurofinsa has experience developing "turnkey" infrastructure public works projects for public institutions throughout the world.  

Having successfully constructed and delivered dozens of infrastructure projects, Eurofinsa has a proven track record developing roads, highways, bridges and other important public infrastructure projects.  From planning and logistics to delivery and development; Eurofinsa provides full service turnkey solutions for each individual client.

Areas of activity in infrastructure industries include:

Roads and Highways

  • Planning, engineering, and design of road and highway construction needs.
  • Construction, development, and resurfacing of roadways and highway infrastructure projects.


  • Planning, delivery and construction of small and large modular steel bridges for any use.
  • Planning, design and construction of precast concrete bridges.


  • Planning, delivery, and installation of roadway and highway signaling, traffic signage, lighting, traffic calming and safety traffic systems.
Related Subsidiaries / Partners: 
Constructor, Consulting and Engineering

CCE (Constructor, Consulting and Engineering) is a company specialized in project management, architectural, engineering, construction and consulting services.