Eurofinsa provides "turnkey" public works and equipment project solutions in almost any field throughout the world.

No matter the need, Eurofinsa has a wide range of experience delivering "turnkey" public works and capital improvement projects in a variety of industries.  With more than 30 years of experience, Eurofinsa and its subsidiaries have the know-how to deliver specialized solutions in anything from equipment needs and large scale construction to staff training and specialized logistical solutions.

Areas of activity in other industries include:

Sports centers

  • Planning, construction and delivery of public works sports centers.
  • Sale, delivery and installation of related equipment. 


  • Planning, construction, and delivery of prisons and other inmate facilities.
  • Staff training and certification on-site.


  • Planning, construction and delivery of greenhouses.
  • Sale, delivery and installation of related equipment. 

Capital Equipment

  • Needs analysis, sale and delivery of capital equipment of any type and scale.