Eurofinsa provides "turnkey" public works solutions in a wide variety of water treatment related fields throughout the world.

Eurofinsa has a wide range of experience in the planning, construction, and delivery of water treatment solutions for both small and large-scale public works development projects in everything from water purification to water re-use.  

Areas of activity in water treatment and purification industries include:

Water Purification

  • Design, planning and installation of water purifications systems and plants.
  • Delivery and installation of water purification equipment.

Mobile and Modular Water Treatment Plants

  • Delivery and installation of portable water purification systems.
  • Delivery and installation of small and large-scale mobile water treatment facilities.
  • Training and equipment certification for staff and employees.

Waste Water Treatment

  • Analysis and execution of waste water treatment and sanitation projects.

Industrial Water Reuse

  • Analysis and planning of industrial and waste water reuse.