About Eurofinsa


Eurofinsa is a leading business group in the execution of civil projects, turnkey Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, and concessions.
Eurofinsa’s integrated solutions
With more than 40 years of experience in the construction sector, Eurofinsa has been able to adapt its competitive advantages to different areas of work, in all the phases that a project may require.
With its global experience in the construction sector, its technical knowledge and international financial support, it takes on projects based on an integrated service. Thus, Eurofinsa is able to cover all phases and areas of a project, from engineering, studies, design and construction of civil works; to its sale, delivery and equipment installation, with its consequent training, maintenance and operation.
In more detail, the integrated solutions that a concession project requires may include some or all of the following services and advantages:


  • Project studies, specifically in the technical, social and financial impact, including equipment or re-equipment.
  • Planning, design, implementation, construction and subsequent delivery of civil works and equipment projects.
  • Strict compliance with local regulations related to the environment, labor contracting, financial solutions and the construction sector in general.
  • Monitoring the progress of the project, with reports on the status of the construction, the delivery of equipment and facilities.
  • Technical evaluation, delivery, installation and monitoring of the new equipment and machinery necessary for the project execution.
  • Project assurance in the required time frame for new infrastructure projects, installations and equipment.
  • Staff management, including the hiring, training and certification process for users and operators working on the project.
  • Monitoring and performance reports regarding the hired employees and the active teams for each project.



High quality service

Eurofinsa takes on every project, regardless of its scale, in maximum guidelines of quality, safety and efficiency, in order to always offer high quality service to all its customers.
The company’s integrated solutions always seek that each project meet the maximum efficiency standards for its clients, with the assurance that only a large business group with experience can offer in the construction industry.
Eurofinsa also offers its clients attractive financial packages for medium and long-term projects, thanks to different financing sources that offer the optimal conditions required by each project.
In addition, the business group has among its objectives to promote the development and progress in the region where a project is executed. To achieve this, it gives priority to hiring local professionals for the various specialties required by each job, thus promoting the economic development of each area during and after the project is completed.
Similarly, Eurofinsa also follows defined environmental standards, which are based on constant innovations that can be applied in practical ways to all of its projects.

Eurofinsa around the world

Eurofinsa’s headquarters are located in Madrid and has subsidiaries in Miami, Paris and London, as well as more than 30 local offices distributed around the world.
Thanks to this international expansion, Eurofinsa and its subsidiaries are able to carry out integrated projects in Africa, America, Asia and Europe, in different industrial sectors, among which can be highlighted:

  • Infrastructures
  • Healthcare
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Other activities



The main objective of Eurofinsa's mission is to offer integrated infrastructure and equipment projects tailored to the needs of its clients. That is why, in addition to the design, planning and execution, and construction of each project, the group also offers complementary financing solutions, diversified management of services, operations and maintenance of equipment and facilities.



Eurofinsa has a vision at the business level to be a leader and reference in the international construction sector, so that it operates in the sector as a company with values that define its work.


Corporate values


We work every day to earn the trust of our customers by offering excellent service that builds long-term relationships.


We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve maximum quality from the standpoints of profitability and the application of smart, eco-efficient technologies.

Development of human potential

We promote talent by providing access to career opportunities based on professional merit. We encourage teamwork and invest the necessary resources to ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment by providing the best technologies in the field of occupational safety.

Committed to society/

Our social and environmental commitment make up part of our business activities from conception to delivery of work. We respect the environment and the communities within our area of influence.


We make responsible use of the financial resources of our shareholders, working to maximize the return on their capital and minimize the risks of their investment.


We act with professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and respect to our employees, customers, and suppliers, as well as when undertaking our business activities.


Eurofinsa bases its service on four basic pillars of excellence:

  • Quality
  • Security
  • Solutions
  • Strength

Thanks to these pillars, the group manages, through its projects, to achieve objectives of Development, Sustainability and Innovation.

Quality of the Eurofinsa Service

Eurofinsa guarantees the highest quality in its service. To achieve this guarantee of excellence, the group only works with first quality materials. At the same time, it creates collaborations with leading suppliers in each sector. In this way, the same guarantees of the manufacturer are transferred to the service offered in both equipment and materials, thereby offering long-term performance.
Some leading international brands with which Eurofinsa works are GE Healthcare, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Viasys, Rosenbauer, Siemens, Midmark, Stryker, Welch Allyn or Matachana, among others.
Eurofinsa and Quality Management
To guarantee service of the highest quality, the group maintains the following principles in its management:
Eurofinsa maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction, with continuous improvement in its production processes, environmentally conscious management of its work, energy efficiency and concern for the health and safety of its more than 5,700 workers.
This commitment also extends to the expectations and needs of all the stakeholders of the group, based on the projects developed.
For any project, Eurofinsa maintains strict compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements and commitments signed by the organization.
Eurofinsa maintains as a priority the protection of the environment, minimizing environmental pollution as much as possible and including the considerations and criteria necessary to evaluate products and processes in each project, to respect the environment.
In its management of sustainability, the group also employs efficient use of energy during each activity, ensuring on one hand the availability of information and necessary resources to guarantee its achievement, while seeking to design and acquire energy efficient products and services.
Eurofinsa maintains a policy of pro-active prevention with respect to threats to the health and safety of all the workers of the group, involving them and making sure they take advantage of all the information and measures that favour their safety. ​
To guarantee its clients that Eurofinsa, the parent of IBT Group, maintains all these quality management criteria, the company has obtained certificates in matters of Quality Management, Environment, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety, according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001, as well as accreditation at the national level of AENOR and, internationally, of IQ-NET, on the construction of building and civil works.


Eurofinsa offers as a second pillar of its service in projects the Security offered by the experience. The group has 40 years of global experience of technical knowledge in various areas such as infrastructure, health, water or energy, as well as financial support that guarantees the best conditions for any project.
The group also has experience in both public and private works, in turnkey “EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)” projects, maintenance and operation projects, as well as concessions and private/public collaboration agreements.
The experience, resources and knowledge of Eurofinsa with its more than 500 infrastructure projects, its presence in more than 40 countries and a global workforce worldwide, offer the security that every public institution or private investment group requires for their project.


The third pillar of the Eurofinsa service is to offer Solutions. Eurofinsa offers integrated and financial solutions that include all the phases of a project, of any scale and typology.
In this way, the group offers solutions from engineering, studies, design and construction of public works, to the sale, as well as the delivery and installation of all equipment and training, maintenance and operation.


Eurofinsa also bases its service on the fourth pillar of its excellence, which represents its strength. Eurofinsa is a leading multinational group in its sector. Its experience of more than 40 years guarantees it as a consolidated company responsible for large integrated and specialized projects all over the world.
Strategic alliances
To offer excellent service to its customers in terms of equipment, Eurofinsa works with the best international brands recognized in each of the industrial sectors where it executes projects.
To ensure the viability of the operation and the quality of each of the equipment installed in any construction, we count on the trust of internationally renowned manufacturers with experience in the execution of public works projects and installation of equipment.
Thanks to the fact that Eurofinsa works exclusively with distributors and manufacturers of high-quality brands, the group extends the same manufacturer's guarantees in the performance of its work, thereby managing to offer equipment with efficient long-term performance.
Some of the international brands with which Eurofinsa and its subsidiaries collaborate in the working according to these standards of maximum quality and efficiency are: GE Healthcare, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Viasys, Rosenbauer, Siemens, Midmark, Stryker, Welch Allyn or Matachana, among many others.



To develop projects of any scale with complete peace of mind, Eurofinsa offers its clients attractive financial packages in the medium or long term, according to the needs of each job.
Eurofinsa offers these financing solutions for the execution of construction works and equipment projects:

  • Financing from bilateral agreements between exporting countries and buyers.
  • Private international financing.
  • Financing from multilateral organizations (The United Nations, The World Bank, OPIC and The European Union, among others).
  • Financing from international banks (Deutsche Bank, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch, BBVA, Société Générale, Banco Sabadell, Caixa Bank, Bankia, Bankinter, Abanca, BNP Paribas, Banco del Pacifico, Banco Pichincha).
  • Societe Generale
  • OPIC
  • BBVA
  • BNP Paribas
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Abanca
  • Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • Santander
  • Sabadell
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Bankia
  • Bankinter
  • Banco del Pacífico
  • Banco Pichincha
  • CaixaBank

Partners and Subsidiaries

To cover integrated solutions and projects in different areas, [site:name] takes advantage of the full potential of the companies that make up the business group, including subsidiaries and corporate partners.


IBT Group is a business group, based in Miami, specializing in the development of public works and construction projects and equipment primarily aimed at public institutions.
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IC2 Feeniks is a Finnish company, based in Kuopio, which is specialized in the processing of PVC coatings and in the manufacture of other materials for military, civil, industrial and utility security in the agricultural sector.
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At present, Eurofinsa has a presence in executed projects or concessions in execution in more than 30 countries around the world.
With a long-term investment strategy, Eurofinsa promotes the construction of official offices in those countries where it has a prominent presence based on its projects. This allows it to have a workforce of more than 5,700 people around the world, divided among the group’s official headquarters and projects under development.
The headquarters of Eurofinsa is in Madrid and its subsidiaries are in Miami, Paris and London. However, thanks to the opening of local official offices, Eurofinsa currently has a global presence with its own facilities in the following countries:










Belas Business Park, Edificio Moxico, Apt 509 - C, Bairro Talatona - Municipio de Belas Luanda
BP 550 Libreville - République Gaboneise

Phone: +(241) 01 73-08-78

CEINSA ZAMBIA LTD. Chisidza Crescent Road, Plot nº4725, LUSAKA

Phone: (+260) 967518379

Rue du Rotary Club Yaundé ( À coté de l’Ambassade de Suisse) BP: 35544 Yaoundé

Phone: +(237) 222 219 677

104 Ebitu Ukiwe Street-Jabi Abuja

Phone: +(234) 8056-104-050

Suite 303, East Wing Applepark Plaza Wood Street Off Wood Avenue 00100 Nairobi

Phone: +(254) 203861548

House 28-8 5th Circular Road Labone - Accra

Phone: +(233)202569629

Avenue Mobutu 766 bp 474 N’Djamena

Phone: +(235) 65080138

Kipé, Carrefour Metal Guinée Ratoma - BP 3770

Phone: +(224) 623916833

Quartier koira kano. Rue KK-25, porte 4. (Derrière de l’Ambassade des États Unis) Niamey

Phone: +(227) 88156081 / +(227)


Av. Bolívar 828 La Esperilla Sto. Domingo

Phone: +1 (809) 381-0044

Av. Aquilino de la Guardia y Calle Uruguay Edificio Ocean Business Plaza, Oficina 1611/ 2204 Panama City

Phone: +(507) 282-0200

Calle Chinchón 1018 (ex Los Nardos) Piso 6, San Isidro Lima

Phone: +(511) 207-4700

700 Montagne Noire Pétion Ville

Phone: +509 2811 9998 / 2811 9999

Avda. Benjamín Rosales S/N y Avda. de las Américas, Terminal de Integración Río Daule Guayaquil

Phone: +593 (4) 213-00-51

2 km al norte del cruce de Florencia Frente a Rte. Lobos Florencia, San Carlos, Provincia de Alajuela , Alajuela

Phone: +506 839 08 337

Avenida 20 de Octubre Nº2665, Edificio Torre Azul - Planta Mezzanine La Paz

Phone: +591.22120436

1200 Brickell Avenue Suite 1700 Miami, FL 33131

Phone: +1 (305) 358-5055

Calle el Mirador No. 3157-B. Edificio Atlacatl. Colonia Escalón El Salvador

Phone: +503 2537-2500


Agro Plaza Building, JL. HR Rasuna Said, Block X 2 No.1, Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan 12950

Phone: +62 21 5262521 2

15/08 Building B, Global Trade Center 36 North Third Ring Road East, Donchengen District 10003 Beijing

Phone: +(8610) 5825-6725 / 6727

19 Kabanbay Batyr ave. Block E, 7th floor Astana - 010000

Phone: (+7) 717-279-0551

4604, 46th floor, Palm Tower B , West Bay, Qatar

Phone: +974 4493 6647

Olaya Street, Al Howishil Center – Floor 5th P.O. Box 3172, Riyadh

Phone: + 966 112930094

166 B, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Etihad Towers 3, Office 14.01 P.O Box 21061, Abu Dhabi


Kiveläntie 5, 70460. Kuopio

Phone: +(358) 010-3204-624

Pº de la Castellana 91 28046 - Madrid

Phone: (+34) 91 515 6000

125 Old Broad Street London - EC2N 1AR

Phone: (+ 44) 203 451 8720