Eurofinsa offers turnkey solutions for hydraulic public projects and water treatment equipment, which include the design, supply, installation, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance.

The company has a wide experience in offering a full EPC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) with which all the phases a water project may require are targeted.

Eurofinsa water projects: Areas of activity

Eurofinsa carries out the following projects related to water treatment in different areas of activity like the following ones:

  • Catchments
  • Dams
  • Adduction, conveyance and distribution
  • Tanks
  • Water purification
  • Desalination
  • Urban or industrial treatment
  • Drainage sewage and its reuse
  • Worker training and certification
  • Environmental impact studies for the projects to be carried out

Integrated services of Eurofinsa in water treatment projects

In order to get the best results in any water treatment project, Eurofinsa provides certain integrated services allowing reaching diverse objectives, such as:

  • Needs Study and economic development of the region or country.
  • Study, selection and design of the best solution for each water cycle stage (upon sustainability criteria, operation costs and maintenance).
  • Adaptable financing suiting the needs.
  • Design of full projects.
  • Urban or rural systems of treatment and supply of drinking water.
  • Urban or rural systems of purifying and reuse of sewage water and sanitation (urban or industrial)
  • Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • Design and equipment of Early Attention Emergency Systems
  • Training programs for employees with certification in their workplace

Eurofinsa’s water treatment solutions

Each project and act zone requires different solutions to accomplish water treatment in an effective way. Eurofinsa holds a great variety of solutions for this type of projects:

  • Development of complete EPCs for large drinking water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants, as well as complete rural or urban cleaning or purifying systems.
  • Supply and installation of compact units for small populations or dispersed populations with a reduced need of water level
  • Autonomic units propelled by solar energy (useful in water treatment of surfaces, salty or sea)
  • Mobile units for emergency situations

Eurofinsa’s values in water projects

Eurofinsa offers a full service in water treatment services

The group has a sound experience in the sector as to deal with any type of project. Some of the most remarkable ones related to water treatment consist on:

  • Full systems of water purification and supply
  • Full systems of cleaning and sanitation
  • Channelling, draining, dams, tanks, pumping etc.
  • Networks and control of water management
  • Fish farms
  • Irrigation systems upgrade

Advantages offered by Eurofinsa with a water treatment project

With the water treatment projects, Eurofinsa offers important advantages and improvements:

  • Access to drinking water in populations which previously had not
  • Purification and reuse of sewage water in an efficient and sustainable way
  • Improvement of the options and installations of irrigation systems
  • Attention to emergency cases for need of drinking water
  • Foster of the local economic development, both due to hiring local professionals and to the improvement of the conditions of market and services