Comprehensive Training Centre Corredor de los Pobres

Project Status: 
Under Development

The IBT Group was awarded the “Study, design, plan development and construction project of the Comprehensive Training Centre at Corredor de los Pobres” by achieving the 100 points needed from the assessment committee to win the tender. The project will benefit the 60,000 people of the Ernesto Córdoba Campos local community, in the District of Panama, once it is completed within the 36-month deadline.

The school will be located at the Paseo Panamá Norte and will have over 60 classrooms, of which 12 will be used for preschool education, 24 for primary education, 12 for middle school education (from seventh to ninth grade) and 18 for secondary education (for those from tenth to twelfth grade). The school will also have laboratories, administration offices, a library, a gym and recreation areas such as a mini football pitch.