Dr. Reynaldo Almánzar Maternity Hospital - City of Health

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Dominican Republic
Completion Date: 
Using the latest medical advances and state of the art technology, the Dr. Reynaldo Almanzar Maternity Hospital, offers world class specialized neonatal and maternity medical care. The facility provides a high quality experience for both mother and baby, reduces mother mortality, and improves prevention and treatment programs for womens care. The four (4) story, two hundred and ninety (290) bed hospital offers an adult intensive care unit; neonatal intensive care unit with neonatal incubators and thermic cribs; surgical rooms with pre and post surgery care; delivery rooms, newborn nurseries with neonatal cribs, and prenatal / postnatal facilities with the latest monitoring equipment; and nineteen (19) fully equipped offices offering outpatient care in a variety of related specialties and sub specialties. The Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology Department includes digital equipment free of chemical developers. In addition, the hospital contains a full list of support services and amenities including: a fully equipped laboratory, kitchen, laundry, chapel, library, administrative offices, auditorium, backup and electrical generators, among others.