Embassies of Camerún

Project Status: 

Between October 2014 and July 2015, Eurofinsa S.A. has signed contracts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, to build their embassies in the capital of Ghana, Zambia, Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Guinea Conakry.

The scope of these contracts involves the construction, not only of the main building of the Embassy (1.800,40 m2 distributed in two floors) but the Ambassador's residence (1,383, 48 m 2, two heights and 175m 2 outdoor pool) and residences paired for personnel (type A, B and C). The number of prototypes of these homes varies from country to country, adapting to the lots and the necessities of each country Embassies. The complex also has security booths, and adjoining buildings intended for kitchen, office of personnel, facilities and water tanks. Also, the construction of a waste treatment plant and storage tanks water treatment plant will be required.

Highlights of these projects, are the high standards of quality. This includes the finishes, materials of construction, high performance of buildings, above all, the safety and security implementation.

Currently, works are being implemented in the embassies of Yaoundé, Lusaka, Accra and Niamey, with teams of expatriate staff composed of work managers, heads of technical office, administrators and workers that have the support of local technicians such as surveyors, engineers and installers.