Marche Public de Fontamara

Project Status: 
Completion Date: 
The project includes approximately 7,547.41 m2 of construction, with 301 stalls, on a plot of 15,706.72 m2. Parking lots are developed in an area of ​​3905.66 m2, with capacity for 120 vehicles, parking for disabled people and motorcycles. The Market provides administrative, warehouse, loading dock and unloading, waste management, sanitation, stalls for fish and various products, escape stairways and ramps at all levels. The architectural style reflecting the traditions and style of traditional markets, such as perimeter arches and ceilings at different heights and water. The project also includes the construction of a pier on the coast for fishing vessels in the area. Due to the quality of the land, the structural system is raised on stilts, to a depth of about 16 meters, to provide earthquake resistance as compliance with established standards.