APP Hospitals improved management mode

April 2015 – Peru - Thanks to the efforts to strengthen and expand the range of services that involved investments by .1.200 million (soles) in 2014, Essalud announced that the first quarter of this year reached more than 1.4 million attend emergency its 29 care networks.

As for the hospitals, the company said the hospital Luis Negreiros Vega led the emergency facilities to 74,709 cases. Followed Alberto Barton (69,236), Edgardo Rebagliati (62,410), Guillermo Kaelin (58,735), Guillermo Almenara (33,751) and the Grau Emergencies Hospital (29,067).

It is worth mentioning that both hospitals Alberto Barton (Callao) and Guillermo Kaelin (VMT) are being operated under the model of public-private partnerships (PPPs) since a year ago.

A new model

These two hospitals, not only led in emergency care, but have also managed to offer shorter waiting times for both operations and for consultations.

In that vein, Jordi Ribera, general manager of the operating companies Callao Health and Villa Maria del Triunfo Health for these hospitals, explains that in both hospitals medical care are made with less than five days of waiting and for surgeries less than 30 days.

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