Eurofinsa to build the new AIR EUROPA’S HANGAR “at the forefront of technology”

The construction company has a 16 months deadline to erect the facilities of over 20,000 square meters next to the terminal T1 in Madrid-Barajas Airport, Spain

Air Europa, Swiftair and DHL have launched projects in Madrid-Barajas Airport, the first two projects are directed to airplane maintenance and the third one is intended to enhance the visibility of the brand as logistics operator. These companies are among the firms that are committed with the new projects developed by Aena, the Spanish airport authority, having thousands of square meters both of industrial and human use.

“The Air Europa’s hangar is much likely to lead the European sector in terms of implementing the most advanced technology, what implies being one of the most modern infrastructures in the world” states Victor Sanchez from Eurofinsa, the Spanish construction company in charge of the project. The facilities are intended to shelter the increasing fleet of GLOBALIA airline company, including twenty B787-9 models ordered to the American company Boeing. The estimated works budget for the construction amounts to nearly €22 million.

The company presided by Juan José Hidalgo has set a 16 months planned deadline for Eurofinsa to complete the construction, whereas the design was assigned to Assad Desarrollo. The maintenance hangar, located next to the terminal 1, completes the circle of Air Europa’s hub in Madrid, being present also in terminals 2 and 3.

The hub of Air Europa in Madrid is to be completed with twenty new B787-9 ordered to the American company Boeing.

The plot where the facility is to be built was offered by tender in 2015. Now, it is necessary to wait for the city council’s building permit to start the works. The facilities will include 11,400 square meters dedicated to maintenance and 9,000 square meters dedicated to warehouses, laboratories and engineering offices.v

“The project has fulfilled without difficulties all the standards demanded by the different regulatory organisms” explains Víctor Sánchez, “we have been very careful in meeting the international regulations [NFPA 409], given that there is no specific standards in Spain on security in hangars”

The huge facility will have dimensions of 140 m x 81.5 m reaching a height of 35 m. It will be adapted to Boeing and Airbus requirements, as well as meeting indications from Ebraer, ATR, etc.

The construction company, that have already taken part in projects related to aeronautics facilities, has designed a specific team for offering hangars by tender and is currently involved in four processes.

The implementation of the most advanced technology in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) installations has been one of the essential guidelines, as well as the achievement of maximum energy efficiency and optimum work conditions in terms of security, productivity and use of an ergonomic equipment.


Given its dimensions, Air Europa will be able to carry out simultaneous works on three wide-body or six narrow-body aircrafts making use of cutting-edge technology. The electrical supply, compressed air system, communication system, etc. will be located on the basement and will be accessible from twelve different localizations in order to improve the management of the aircrafts.

Eurofinsa has highlighted the advances implemented on the construction. The company will develop a space frame structure, composed of bars and spheres mechanically and geometrically dimensioned, with a gable roof. This kind of structure confers a resistance and lightness much superior to conventional structures.

The hangar’s doors are also one of the construction’s main points, given their security, as well as the resistance of the facility to the wind (148 kilometers per hour or 100 kilos per square meter).

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