Eurofinsa signs agreement with an NGO to donate water in Ghana

Honoring its social commitment, Eurofinsa signed an agreement with the “Universal Wonderful Street Academy” NGO this past March 25th, on the occasion of World Water Day promoted by the U.N., by means of which it will be providing the organization with two tanker truckfuls of drinking water every month throughout 2017. In celebration of this event, a party was organized at the school where the signing took place. Universal Wonderful Street Academy is a not-for-profit organization which was created to take care of the children living in the streets of Ghana’s capital, Accra, and from its surrounding communities. This school provides the children with free education, food and medical care plus aiding outstanding students to continue their studies. Over the last five years, this school has help around 200 children and is currently caring for 100 students.

Country: Ghana

Finish date: Saturday, March 25, 2017