Eurofinsa starts building a new waste processing facility in the Canary Islands (Spain)

Madrid, Nov 6th (EFECOM). - The Spanish construction company Eurofinsa has initiated the works for a new waste processing facility in the Fuerteventura Island (in the Canary Islands, Spain). The construction will constitute an investment of €5.7 million, as informed today by the company.

The project, promoted by the Canary Islands’ government, will count with a planned deadline of 12 months. 

Eurofinsa has hightlighted that the facility will process over 100,000 tons of recyclable waste per year and will create at least 30 permanent jobs.

The company estimates that the daily average of population generating waste in the island is 138,000 people, including residents and tourists. 

According to Eurofinsa, the construction of the new facility will allow the Fuerteventura Island to meet the European, national and regional regulations in terms of waste management. EFECOM

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