Miviot delivered 24 homes in Chepo

More than 24 families will spend Christmas in a new home. 
The Ministry of Housing and Land Planning (Miviot) provided with new homes to 24 low-income families in the administrative districts of Las Margaritas and El Llano in Chepo district, which were built through the program Techos de Esperanza (Roofs of Hope).
The home keys were distributed to the beneficiaries by the staff of Chepo regional and the homes were built by the company International Business and Trade Inc (IBT) which is in charge of the second group of 500 residences for this district in the east of Panama.
Currently, more than 200 families in the six administrative districts that make up Chepo enjoy a better life style in a totally new home, comfortable and safe, with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, hygienic bathroom, laundry area and gateway which replace the old and battered little houses where most of them used to live.
For Chepo district, one thousand and 200 homes of Techos de Esperanza have been tendered and are under construction through the companies IBT(500) and MCM (700),  causing an impact on approximately 6 thousand people in the administrative districts of Chepo Cabecera, Las Margaritas, Cañitas, El Llano, Tortí and part of Chinina.

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