New "Metro 1" Hemodialysis Center

With the new hemodialisys center "Metro 1", located in the Grand Station, within San Miguelito, the expansion of hemodialysis services by the Social Security Administration has became a reality, benefiting 1,656 patients with renal disease around the country.

While inaugurating the center, President Ricardo Martinelli affirmed that the state carries a heavy responsability in caring for patients suffering this renal condition.

He mention that with the project for 17 new hemodialysis center the quality of life for Panamanians will improve.

The facility is dotted with 26 new machines, offering services to 156 patients of San Miguelito, which will reduce patient load at the Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Medical Hospital, eliminating the nocturnal fourth and fifth rounds of treatment.

The center also includes an ambulance in case of emergency, food, sample laboratory, as well as nephrology, psychology, and nutrition services.

The project was built and equipped by IBT Medical Outsourcing Services.

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