9 December, 2013
The Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lanothe has officially launched the construction works for the Alexandre Pétion and Toussaint Louverture Schools. The construction will take place over 18 months until their completion in January 2015.
13 September, 2013

The Villa Maria del Triunfo Salud S.A.C. consortium invested $40 USD Million in the construction of the future Guillermo Kaelin de la Fuente Health Center, the first level III EsSalud hospital in southern Lima, through the integral Public-Private Partnership model.

27 August, 2013

The project for 16 hemodialysis units to be finished later this year represents an investment of $126 m, according to the director of la Caja de Seguro Social (CSS) Guillermo Sáez Llorens during the reinauguration of the 12th hemodialysis unit, in the Pediatric Specialty Hospital.

2 August, 2013

The August issue of the COSTOS Perú magazine dedicates its Construction section to the Villa María del Triunfo Hospital. The detailed report describes the characteristics of the infrastructure, a project developped IBT Group as part of a public-private partnership with EsSalud and Consorcio VMT Salud SAC, currently under construction in Lima. Villa Maria del Triunfo Hospital belongs to the Rebagliati Medical Help Network, and it willbe one of the largest and most modern hospitals that participate in federal health insurance.

1 August, 2013

Article published in Construir magazine about the level III Callao and Villa María del Triunfo Hospitals.

The international magazine CONSTRUIR, reporting specifically about the construction industry, highlights on its August cover the new level III Callao and Villa María del Triunfo Hospitals currently in construction by IBT Group Peru, through a public-private partnership between EsSalud and the operating entities Callao y VMT Salud SAC.

30 July, 2013
Julio 30, 2013 ­ Republica Dominicana ­ Nuevo hospital materno realiza unas 13mil 272 consultas a poco tiempo de apertura
22 July, 2013

Panama - The President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, accompanied by the authorities of the Ministry of Health, inaugurated yesterday the Pesé Primary Care Center, in the Herrera Province. The new Minsa-Capsi represents a $5.5 million investment.

Representative José Luis Varela attended the ceremony, his father, Luis Varela, donated the land where the project was constructed. The center will carry his namesake, in appreciation.

19 July, 2013

Tenemos el agrado de anunciar que el pasado 19 de julio ha sido inaugurada en Chitré, Provincia de Herrera - Panamá, la quinta Unidad de Hemodiálisis que el Gobierno Nacional inicia a través de la Caja de Seguro Social (CSS) para dar respuesta inmediata y de manera inicial ­en esta infraestructura- a 65 pacientes de la región de Azuero que padecen insuficiencia renal.

16 July, 2013

On July 16th, 2013 the Dr. Angel Contreras Hospital of Monte Plata opened its doors to the public. The Ministry of Public Health inaugurated the new public hospital of Monte Plata, an investment of 695 million pesos. The minister of heath Dr. Freddy Hidalgo Núñez explained that the modern hospital will offer the highest quality services and standards to the surrounding community.

9 March, 2013

The districts of Villa María del Triunfo and El Callao will count on, within two years, two level III hospitals currently under construction under the public-private partnership management model, under the direction of the Callao Salud SAC and Villa María del Triunfo Salud SAC associations. Carlos Roques, general manager of the associations in charge of the construction and management of the hospitals has indicated that the projects continue on schedule and that they will be in operation in the middle of 2014, to be integrated in the Sabogal and Rebagliati networks.