16 July, 2013

On July 16th, 2013 the Dr. Angel Contreras Hospital of Monte Plata opened its doors to the public. The Ministry of Public Health inaugurated the new public hospital of Monte Plata, an investment of 695 million pesos. The minister of heath Dr. Freddy Hidalgo Núñez explained that the modern hospital will offer the highest quality services and standards to the surrounding community.

9 March, 2013

The districts of Villa María del Triunfo and El Callao will count on, within two years, two level III hospitals currently under construction under the public-private partnership management model, under the direction of the Callao Salud SAC and Villa María del Triunfo Salud SAC associations. Carlos Roques, general manager of the associations in charge of the construction and management of the hospitals has indicated that the projects continue on schedule and that they will be in operation in the middle of 2014, to be integrated in the Sabogal and Rebagliati networks.

5 October, 2012

It's the awakening from a dream.  This is how the creating of a new Hemodialysis Center at the Grand Station was labeled by the President of the National Association of Patients with Renal Failure, Alexander Pineda.

The creation of a new Hemodialysis Center at Metro 1, benefiting more than 156 patients, marks the first step in the expansion of Hemodialysis services for the National Security Administration, which will eventually benefit more than 1,656 patients nationwide.

5 October, 2012

With the new hemodialisys center "Metro 1", located in the Grand Station, within San Miguelito, the expansion of hemodialysis services by the Social Security Administration has became a reality, benefiting 1,656 patients with renal disease around the country.

While inaugurating the center, President Ricardo Martinelli affirmed that the state carries a heavy responsability in caring for patients suffering this renal condition.

He mention that with the project for 17 new hemodialysis center the quality of life for Panamanians will improve.

5 October, 2012

156 patients from San Miguelito and surrounding areas suffering from renal failure will benefit from the inauguration of a new Hemodialysis Center in Monte Oscuro.

The happiness was radiating from patients who will no longer have to travel to the Arnulfo Arias Madrid Medical Hospital or wait one of the five turns for treatment available

The new center, whose investment is 3 million dollars is open from 7:00 am to 7:00pm.  The center includes 26 hemodialysis machines and is the first of seventeen centers to be inaugurated throughout Panama.

15 August, 2012

President Leonel Fernandez yesterday inaugurated six projects for the government, of which the Logistical Support Center for the Pharmaceutical Program (Promese-CAL) was included. The facility is located in the City of Health and was built at a cost of $15 million dollars.

In the act of inauguration for Promese-CAL, Elena Fernandez, director of the institution, indicated that the institution supplies the medical and pharmaceutical demands for 258 public hospitals, 1,248 primary care centers, 433 pharmacies, and 2,305,656 insured patients.

14 August, 2012

President Leonel Fernandez inaugurated the new facilities for the Programa de Medicamentos Esenciales (PromeseCal) located in the City of Health.

The director of Promese-CAL, Elena Fernandez, indicated that the new warehouse was designed to guarantee the best sotrage conditions and total compliance with international standards.

The construction and equipment of the project was executed by IBT Group.

9 August, 2012
The president of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernandez, this Thursday headed the inauguration of the 450 million peso Villa Consuelo Market, a project demanded by consumers and merchants for more than 20 years. Merchants of agricultural products of the Villa Consuelo awarded the president a plaque of recognition for his support of development of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. The modern structure includes an administrative area, cold storage for preservation, handling room cafeteria, security office, parking, and disposal area.
9 August, 2012

President Leonel Fernandez today inaugurated the Doctor Reynaldo Almánzar Maternity Hospital and the Doctor Hugo Mendoza Pediatric at the the city of health at a cost of $120 million dollars.

The healthcare facilities will operate on the Charles de Gaulle Avenue, in the Santo Domino North municipality, adding more than 400 beds to the health system.

The project was executed by IBT Group.

8 August, 2012

Both the Doctor Reynaldo Almanzar Maternity Hospital and the Doctor Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospitals at the City of Health Medical Complex will be inaugurated this week. The investment realized on these two facilities totals $74 million dollars.

Construction and equipment of this project was managed by Carimex, part of IBT Group, which has a contract with the Ministry of Public Health for the constructon of these healthcare facilities.