Alfridomsa donation to the Dominican Rehabilitation Association

Constanza, Dominican Republic (July 2015)– Alfridomsa, committed to economic development and social equality in the Dominican Republic, delivers a modern gas dryer to the Dominican Rehabilitation Association, branch Constanza along with a compromise of a monthly contribution. This institution offers excellent services and physiatrist consultations during its nearly four (4) years after opening its doors, and has completed more than 2,400 inquiries, conducted more than 17,600 physical therapy, applied more than 65,000 treatments and has currently more than 1,500 patients, especially patients with limited economic resources.

About Alfridomsa

Alfridomsa offers the widest range of integrated services for warehousing, customs logistics, and transportation in the Dominican Republic with locations in strategic points, proximity to ports and airports. Alfridomsa is an affordable and trustworthy option for merchants, importers, and Dominican agro exporters looking for reduced costs.  Alfridomsa depends on a professional team with the support of state of the art technology that takes advantage of best industry practices and disposes of a technological platform to monitor all stored goods. For more information,

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