The Bolivian Government inaugurates the new Entre Ríos – Palos Blancos highway built by Eurofinsa

The completion of the project ended in a huge celebration

The Bolivian Government inaugurates the new Entre Ríos – Palos Blancos highway built by Eurofinsa

  • With 60.90 kilometers, the new road consolidates the Tarija’s cross linking, located in the south of Bolivia.
  • The construction has implied a government investment of 83.9 million dollars, becoming the most relevant and complex infrastructure of the Chaco route.
  • The brand-new road contributes to the development of different sectors in the region, such us forestry, mining, farming, agriculture and eco-tourism

Tarija, April 28, 2018.

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has inaugurated the new Entre Ríos – Palos Blancos road located in the department of Tarija, southern region of Bolivia. A huge celebration including traditional dances and regional rituals has followed the completion of the huge project. The construction, budgeted at 83.9 million dollars, has been built by the Spanish company Eurofinsa.

"The construction of this highway allows for the economic and social integration of the Tarija Central Valley with the east of Bolivia, shortening the travel time in the F0011 main route of the Central- South international corridor”, highlighted the Bolivian president. “I’m sure that this new road, that has been hardly wanted, is now an achieved dream for the department of Tarija (…)".

During the 61 kilometers’ journey, the visitors had the opportunity to admire the 10 meters wide road, as well as three new bridges and other water structures assuring the passability in the wet season. As part of the contract awarded, the construction company will carry out the maintenance work and will address the emergencies along this stretch of road for two years’ time.

"Today it’s a day to celebrate, a big day for Tarija, for the Chaco (…). We have done what we had to do, meaning working, building, creating jobs and enhancing safety and development, while boosting local progress.”, highlighted the Eurofinsa’s General Manager, Raphaël Benatar. He also affirmed that “the deadline was strictly met, as well as the quality levels demanded by the Bolivian Road Administration".

Other aspects of the project

Six rivers, huge quebradas and six different mountain ranges, with slopes of over 100 meters, are crossed by the Entre Ríos – Palos Blancos paved road. That makes the construction one of the most relevant and complex infrastructures of the yearned for Chaco route.

Within the framework of the project, Eurofinsa technical staff taught over 200 students, teachers and parents of the surrounding communities about the good use of solid waste, recycling and road safety to prevent environmental damage and traffic accidents.

Eventually, the construction of this infrastructure generated directly and indirectly over 1,000 jobs, being the main source of income for dozens of families.