The bridge linking Guayaquil and Samborondón is to be inaugurated today, after having been built by Eurofinsa in Ecuador

Nearly 60,000 vehicles will cross it daily, shortening their journey by approximately 30 minutes

The bridge linking Guayaquil and Samborondón is to be inaugurated today, after having been built by Eurofinsa in Ecuador

Madrid – May 3, 2018

This Thursday, May 3, at 4:00 PM (local time) a new 2.25 km long bridge is to be inaugurated. The bridge spans the Daule River and links the municipalities of Guayaquil and Samborondón in Ecuador. The construction project, whose budget was 71.9 million dollars, was executed by the Spanish group, Eurofinsa, which specializes in undertaking public works for governmental institutions.

The project's inauguration ceremony will be attended by the mayors of both regions, and Monsignor Luis Cabrera will bless the work undertaken by Consorcio Enlace 780, a consortium of which Eurofinsa holds 60% and the local company, Verdú, holds the remaining 40%.

Isaac Querub, Eurofinsa's Country Manager for Ecuador, has remarked that Eurofinsa is very proud to have built and delivered a piece of work that represents a milestone in terms of civil engineering in Ecuador, adding that the project is also an emblematic one for the company, considering the more than 40 years that the leading public works company, with presence in 30 countries, has been in existence.

"It has all been possible thanks to the involvement of many professionals, each one the best in their field, without whose dedication and participation this project would never have become the reality that it is today," noted Querub. He continued, "We are confident that this is but another step in our contribution to the country's development, and to the creation of numerous jobs – something we plan to continue doing for many more years to come."

Project Data:

This project, which provided more than 1,200 jobs throughout its execution, will connect more than half a million people. The length of the viaduct comprises the 410 meters that make up the Guayaquil Viaduct, plus the 780 meters of the bridge that crosses the river from shore to shore, as well as the 180 meters that make up the Samborondón Viaduct. The main bridge has four lanes, two additional service lanes, and bike and pedestrian pathways in both directions.

It is estimated that approximately 60,000 vehicles will cross over the bridge every day both ways, shortening the connection between Samborondón and Guayaquil by approximately 30 minutes.

Eurofinsa,, is a business group specializing in the undertaking of public works and implementation of construction projects and equipment provision for public institutions. Its solutions are comprehensive and range from the engineering, study, design, and construction of projects to the sale, delivery, and installation of equipment – along with any corresponding training, maintenance, and operations.

More than 40 years' global experience in the construction industry prove the soundness and the technical knowledge of Eurofinsa. This allows the Group to offer the highest standards of quality in each of its projects and to contribute to development and progress while respecting the environment within a context of constant innovation.

The Group's headquarters are in Madrid and the company holds the subsidiary IBT Group in Miami, as well as Ellipse Projects in Paris, in addition to having permanent local offices in 31 countries around the world. The Group's staff is made up of a total of 5,700 employees.