Bugaba will benefit from quality healthcare services

Panama (November 18, 2011) - With the delivery in 2013 of the modern hospital in the Bugaba district of the Province of Chiriqui, currently under construction by IBT Group, thousands of local residents will benefit from quality healthcare services and facilities equipped with the latest high tech medical equipment.

The General Hospital in Bugaba will attend one of the primary needs of the local population and surrounding villages which currently lack primary care services.

According to a report, exterior work is currently 38.71% complete and concrete work is currently 17.58% complete.

The project will count with a capacity of 133 beds, distributed in the following areas: internal medicine, surgical rooms, pediatric, gynecology, intensive care units, and emergency room services.

In addition, the hospital will include external consult facilities, diagnostic and treatment, critical areas, and administrative services. The facility will also include 250 parking spaces to serve the demands of the end user.

IBT Group is carrying out the study, design, construction, equipment, and financing of the project, contributing to the creation of local jobs in that region of the country.

About IBT Group

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