Colon will have quality hospital healthcare

Panama (November 25, 2011) - The population of Colon will have quality hospital healthcare due to the construction of the new Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital by IBT Group.  The hospital, located in the Coco Solo District, a province of Colon, will be equipped with modern facilities and state of the art technology.

The construction of this modern hospital is expected to last 36 months and benefit more than 254,000 people.

The project will count with a capacity of 477 beds distributed over four level as follows: internal medicine 115, surgical areas 110, pediatric 114, gynecology 79, intensive care unit 20, and emergencies 39.  The hospital will also include areas for external consult and treatment, critical areas, administrative and service areas, as well as 980 parking spaces to meet end user needs.

The hospital, one of the most awaited by the people of Colon, will resolve various health issues in this province, which has had a large population increase and lacks proper medical attention.

This hospital is part of a new generation of hospitals currently under construction throughout the country, which have been denominated as "hospitals of the future" due to their efficiency and high social compromise to the local communities they serve.

About IBT Group

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