Eurofinsa awarded El Salvador Social Security System contract to build the San Miguel Hospital

Madrid, December 16th 2016 ​Eurofinsa, a leading Spanish Group in rolling out public works projects, has been selected by El Salvador’s Social Security Institute to build the new San Miguel Regional Hospital.

The construction contract was signed in San Salvador this past November 10th between the IBT Group (a Eurofinsa Group company) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), the organization funding this entire project.

The project consists of dismantling and demolishing the current infrastructure, building the new hospital, supplying and installing the equipment involved in the civil side of the new hospital and remodeling the current emergency room (not to be demolished).

This 59.4 million-dollar project scheduled for completion in 27 months, is being carried out in response to El Salvador’s Social Security System needing to provide a hospital to cover the Level III healthcare needs of the people living in the Eastern section of El Salvador. Healthcare services are currently being provided on a rather helter-skelter basis, in tremendously overcrowded, run-down facilities.

This project is going to mean cutting-edge healthcare facilities being made available to the people living in this area, including 160 beds, 5 Operating Rooms, 3 Emergency Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Intermediate Care Unit, Nephrology Department, 63 Physician’s Offices, Emergency Care Unit, Pharmacy, Blood Analysis Laboratory, Imaging, Outpatient Medical Procedures and Physical Medicine Department.

Eurofinsa has long-standing experience in building hospitals and medical centers, its track record including more than 3,600 hospital beds, over twenty hospitals and more than 44 healthcare infrastructures, such as hospitals, primary care and hemodialysis centers.

Eurofinsa has long-standing experience in projects in Latin American including the Santo Domingo “Healthcare City Complex”, the Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia Hospital, the Padre Billini Hospital, the Monte Plata Provincial Hospital in the Dominican Republic; the Leopoldo Barton Thompson Polyclinic and Hospital and the Guillermo Kaelin de la Fuente Hospital in Peru, or the Anita Moreno and the General Meteti and General Bugaba hospitals currently in progress in Panama.