Eurofinsa begins the construction of the new waste treatment plant at Fuerteventura

Promoted by the Canary Islands government, the Project has a Budget of 5.7 million Euros

  • The term for completion of the works is 12 months. When the works are completed, 30 new stable jobs will be created.
  • The new plant will have capacity to treat 100,000 tons/year of recyclable waste.
  • It will make possible the recovery of 95% of the organic matter of all the recyclable waste in order to obtain a high-quality compost.

Madrid, November 13, 2017.
Eurofinsa, a Spanish business group, leader in the development of public works, has begun the construction of a new sorting and composting plant at the Zurita Environmental Complex, located at the municipality of Puerto del Rosario in the Fuerteventura Island. This project, the budget of which amounts to 5.7 million Euros, has a term for completion of 12 months.
Once the new plant is commissioned, it will enable the treatment of over 100,000 tons/year of recyclable waste and will create at least 30 stable jobs distributed in the two shifts that are planned for its operation.
The project, which is being promoted by the Council for Territory, Sustainability and Safety Policies of the Canary Islands Government, was born as a response to the increasing need to recover a greater quantity of waste at the Fuerteventura Island. The daily average of waste-producing population in the Island is 138,000 persons, including dwellers and tourists.
95% of the organic matter in the recycled waste will be recovered
The new plant will be made up by an All-in-One sorting facility, where all kinds of recyclable products will be obtained, such as metal, paper, cardboard and different containers; and a composting facility, where the organic fractions contained in all of them will be recovered.
The sorting facility will have capacity to treat 100,000 tons/year of recyclable waste (currently about 64,000 tons/year are produced), while the composting facility will make it possible to recover 7,500 tons/year of fermentable organic fraction for the obtaining of high-quality compost, which encompasses 95% of the organic matter resulting from the All-in-One facility.
In this way, Fuerteventura will be able to achieve the most demanding environmental goals, fulfilling both the Community regulations and the State and Autonomous Region regulations regarding waste.

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