Eurofinsa completes construction of the Barranca Sports Coliseum in Peru

Eurofinsa, a leading Spanish Group in large-scale construction projects, has completed the construction of the new Barranca Municipal Sports Coliseum in Peru.

This project is destined to become a major icon for the city as an eye-catching structure standing out on the city skyline, launching Barranca into the vanguard of infrastructure development in Lima’s northern district.

The construction of the new Barranca Municipal Sports Coliseum has been possible to complete within the short 12-month time frame thanks to Eurofinsa’s expertise and its experience in Peru, a country where this Spanish construction firm has carried out different infrastructure projects in recent years.

The Coliseum, totaling an area of 10,000 m2 and seating 2,800 spectators, is equipped with the most advanced services for playing competitive sports. Its multi-sport court will make it possible to hold the most demanding classic sports events such as basketball, handball, indoor soccer, etc.

The new Coliseum also has adjacent facilities for enjoying other widely-differing sporting activities including gymnastics, boxing, martial arts or chess. Its multi-functionality also provides space for the offices of the different sports leagues and for holding events accommodating large crowds.

Eurofinsa has long years of experience in the construction of different infrastructures such as hospitals and medical centers, bridges and highways, ports and airport services, power plants and water treatment plants and sports centers worldwide, its presence throughout a major part of the Latin American countries including Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic by way of its subsidiary IBT Group being especially outstanding.