IBT Group Reinaugurates new Padre Billini Teaching Hospital

  • The President of the Government of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez Reyna, along with other important members attended the reinaguration of the new facilities.
  • Now one of the most modern hospitals in the country, the hospital is the direct result of the confidence bestowed by the Government of the Dominican Republic on IBT Group.

Dominican Republic (February 1, 2012) - The reinaguration of the new Padre Billini Teaching Hospital took place today, attended by important members in the country, including the President of the Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reyna.  

The government, through the Ministry of Public Health (MISPAS), bestowed confidence on IBT Group for the rehabilitation and modernization of the historic hospital.  IBT Group, assumed the responsibility of not affecting hospital operations in a way that health services for the local population were not interrupted during construction.

About the New Padre Billini Teaching Hospital

The new Padre Billini Hospital will offer all Dominicans better medical services thanks the the expansion and refurbishment of its facilities, as well as higher quality care due to the modernization of its equipment.  The hospital counts with 120 beds, 5 new surgical rooms, an ambulatory area and emergency rooms with 28 consult offices, where patients will receive services in a wide variety of medical specialties (Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, Urology, Nephrology, Odontology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, etc).

The hospital, built in the year 1879, has been subject to an intense rehabilitation and remodeling which has allowed the facilities to provide medical services necessary in the 21st century.  The hospital is equipped with new air conditioning systems, fire protection, medical gas, and telecommunications, among others.  It is important to mention that having installed new elevators, the hospital was adapted for handicapped access.

Thanks to a wide range of experience in the hospital industry, IBT Group was capable of installing the necessary equipment for the local population, utilizing the latest in modern medical equipment.

Because of this, the new Padre Billini will become a reference in hospital construction and design within the country, thanks to its new diagnostic imaging unit, which counts with X-Ray equipment, a computerized axial tomograph, flouroscope, mammograph, and ultrasounds.  Such equipment is digital, developing the images digitally instantaneously, without using chemicals and without affecting the environment.

The new hospital counts with hemodialysis units, laboratories, Histopathology, Pharmacy, and other auxiliary services including laundry facilities and kitchen, allowing the hospital to provide integral medical services within.

According to the President of IBT Group, Mr. Jose Ramon Brea Gonzalez: "We would like to take this moment, in which the pioneering and historic Padre Billini Teaching Hospital is reinaugurated, to thank government authorities, specially the President of the Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reyna, as well as the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Bautista Rojas Gomez, for the confidence deposited in our company.  We would also like to take a moment to emphasize the great work done by our staff and subcontractors, which made  the completion of this grand hospital possible, on time and within budget.

Mr. Brea added:  "An important factor to emphasize is that work to modernize, rehabilitate, and equip the hospital took place while carefully caring for the architecture of original historic structure, as well as without interrupting regular hospital operations; all this a challenge which we successfully accomplished."  

With the culmination of this project, the commitment of IBT Group  to social wellbeing, progress, local development, and the protection of our natural environment remains our primary mission.


About IBT Group

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