IBT LLC Branch Peru obtains triple certification

The companies of IBT Group offer integral solutions that include the engineering, studies, design and construction of public and private work, up to and including the sale, delivery and installation of equipment, with its required training, maintenance and operation. All this translates into excellent service to its customers, based on maximum quality, safety and environmental protection. 
IBT Group is also the main shareholder of the operating companies of the EsSalud Hospital Complexes, Alberto Barton and Guillermo Kaelin, operated under the modality of Public Private Partnership (APP) in Lima.
"The organization's imperative need to improve processes and maximize productivity and competitiveness in order to remain in the increasingly demanding national market has led companies in the group to look for mechanisms to demonstrate to customers the conformity and quality of their products, processes and services. The goal is to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks, as part of their usual business practices, and manage operational risks and protect workers, through the implementation of Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management, and Health and Safety and Health at work within a world-recognized standard," stated Gustavo Stümpfle, head of quality - Integrated Management System of the IBT Group.



About IBT Group

It is a business group specialized in the development of public works and implementation of construction projects and equipment for public institutions. Its solutions are comprehensive and include engineering, studies, design and construction, up to and including the sale, delivery and installation of equipment with its required training, maintenance and operation.

More than 30 years of global experience in the world of construction guarantee the strength and technical knowledge of IBT Group. This allows it to offer the highest quality standards in each of its projects and contribute to the development and progress, while respecting the environment in a framework of constant innovation.

IBT Group, with headquarters in Miami, is part of Eurofinsa. The Group has subsidiaries in Paris, London and Madrid, as well as permanent local offices in 32 countries around the world. The Group's workforce consists of more than 5,100 employees.

For more information, visit www.ibtgroup.com.