Promese-CAL Santo Domingo

Project Status: 
Dominican Republic
Completion Date: 
The design, construction and equipment project of the Promese-CAL Medicine Warehouse Logistical Support Center has modern administrative, warehousing and laboratory facilities. Infrastructure includes a surface area of more than 14,000m2, of which more than 3,000 m2 are allotted to office space and more than 10,000 m2 to the warehouse area. Among the services provided are temperature and humidity control, refrigerated area, controlled substances and withdrawn products precinct, conveyor belt system, sealed plastic packaging machine, corridor with crane service, electric forklift and computerized integrated warehouse inventory system with bar code system and wireless laser scanners throughout the building. Promese-CAL fills the demand for medicines and medical supplies of two-hundred and fifty-eight (258) public hospitals and smaller centers, four-hundred and thirty-three (433) popular pharmacies and two million, three-hundred thousand (2,300,000) National Health Service insurance beneficiaries.