Eurofinsa Healthcare

Eurofinsa – Health Video

Eurofinsa is a leading multinational specializing in the development and execution of comprehensive construction, equipment and concession projects. The company has over 40 years of experience and has carried out projects in over 30 countries around the world.  

Eurofinsa offers its high quality services to multiple sectors, including the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Water
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Other

Specifically, it is a leader of construction, equipment, operation and management projects within the health sector.

Eurofinsa projects in the health industry

Over the years, Eurofinsa has carried out more than 100 international projects in the health sector. Important examples of our work can be seen in Latin America, where we operate with our affiliates under the name IBT Group:

  • Guillermo Kaelin De La Fuente and Alberto Leonardo Barton Thompson Hospital and Polyclinic  (Peru)
  • Health Center (Santo Domingo)
  • The Anita Moreno General Hospital and 3 other Health Centers (Panama)
  • Pasteur de Villa María Hospital (Argentina)

In addition to Latin America, Eurofinsa has also developed other projects in diverse areas around the world. These include health sector projects in Ghana and Haiti.

  • Construction, refurbishment and renovation of medical equipment in 150 hospital infrastructures across Ghana.
  • The design, construction and equipping of the Community Hospital St. Louis Du Nord in collaboration with the NGO Hilfswerk, to help with the 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti.

Eurofinsa’s social responsibility

In all its projects, Eurofinsa focusses on its social responsibility aiming to improve the social environment of the place in which it is carrying out its projects. This is achieved through labor insertion programs, equipment and maintenance team training and local development incentives via the hiring of regional workers.