Water Purification Plants – Project for emergencies

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Completion Date: 

The objective of this project is to implement a logistics system of rapid response to emergencies caused mostly by natural disasters. Through storages with material for emergency situations that will supply drinking water in a short time to the population affected by disasters.

Project sets out four logistics centers of attention to emergencies (Location of Storage), as well as 56 mobile water purification plants for emergencies for both, seawater and brackish, with the necessary equipment to provide clean safe drinking water to the victims of natural disasters in the country. The teams will be organized by modules of emergency.

Installation and construction of a rapid response logistics system for emergency situations mainly triggered by natural disasters. This project guarantees the material goods and training needed to ensure the correct response to special emergency situations, providing a fast purified water supply to those communities affected by natural disasters.

Three emergency location of storage centres (LOS) have been built in Bekasi, Medan and Surabaya, all comprehensively equipped with all the necessary emergency equipment, in addition to the supply of 59 emergency mobile water treatment plants. These plants are designed to purify surface water, brackish water and sea water. They guarantee clean and safe drinking water in all conditions for the victims of natural disasters in the country. The equipment has been distributed and organised into emergency units.

Eurofinsa ended the project by providing technical training on the equipment and facilities to the personnel in charge of their operation, as well as giving an Emergency Management programme to ensure the correct organisation and supply of rapid emergency response services.